Milling, boring, chamfering, deburring, engraving, carving... at best.
K - spindles meet the needs of a wide range of applications on a wide range of materials.
CNC machines, CNC routers, table routers, engraving and carving machines, robots and automation systems can be equipped with our spindles for processing wood, plastic, composites, aluminum, PVC, PMMA, polycarbonate, foam.







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Robotics and Automation

Build the best performing system.

K – spindles are light, compact, precise, powerful, quick and safe.
Make your projects excel with our high performance spindles for robots.
Their installation and easy-to-use smart features ease integration in robotics applications.

Simplify your work.

Design, application, after-sales: when you need it, you can count on our support.

CNC Machinery

Improve your efficiency.

Our K – team will support your design team to identify faster the best solution.

Reduce your lead time.

Spindles you need to complete your machines are always in stock.
Increase the reliability of your brand with the continuity of service and performances of
K – spindles.

Develop new business strategies.

Upgrade your smaller machines from manual configuration to automatic configuration.
Develop new customer service strategies thanks to a stock that is always available.

Home Projects

Reach a higher level.

We give you the best spindle to build the best machine and make your dreams come true.
We’ll take care of giving you the kit to immediately give life to your project.

Value your time.

The weight and power characteristics and easy-to-install features of our K – spindles allow you to easily upgrade your existing machine.
Our K – team is ready to help you whenever you need support.

Can you design a machine up to the performance of our
K – spindles?

Enhance your ideas and push your design further: K – spindles are the best performing solution for high-level CNC.

Go deep in the game.

We will answer your doubts: we are the best partner for the realization of your projects.