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From our heart

From the very beginning, when Sandro Perli drew the original Teknomotor logo on a block sheet, K was inside of us.

Our passion, our ambition to always give the best of ourselves have remained intact over the years, strengthened by our history, rooted in our values.

K expresses the best of us.

What drives us everyday to give the best of ourselves?

The answer is simple: We don’t settle.

The K line embodies our ambition and identifies a range of products designed to exceed all expectations.

Innovation requires a radical paradigm shift, an optimistic and progressive vision of human destiny.

Our engineers know what our costumers and I want from them for our new K products.

Eng. Stefano Perli

We live of spindles

since 1983

K – High Performance is worldwide registered trademark, that identifies Teknomotor’s Premium Product Line.

It represents those products that stand out for their above-average features and becomes synonymous with innovation, precision and durability in a way that goes far beyond the expectations of the most demanding customers.